Next LAN not yet announced!

Past WeekLANs

Here a are a few photos of the past WeekLANs, just to give you an idea of how things work...


Laser Tag
Lan 2011 moves into the real world...


We specialise in wiring.

Table of Six
And tables of Six people fit nicely.

Call of Duty Room
All these guys came to their Call of Duty by squeezing into this room.

Just having fun
Just having fun, sharing some of the internet culture.


Get that n00b
"Get that n00b." "Do I have to?"

Day Gaming
Gaming during the day.

Night Gaming
Gaming in the evening, with the mood lighting.


Towers of Doom
Place your towers!

It's like tetris, but in real life.

Sir Duck gets hungry
Our mascot, Sir Duck, is a little bit hungry.


Networking Gear
We have some networking gear.

Someone won that round...

Non-pc gaming
Non PC gaming... for a while...

Sir Duck
Our mascot, Sir Duck, tries to integrate with a reality distortion field.