Next LAN not yet announced!

About WeekLAN

WeekLAN is an annual LAN held by Daniel Foote, at his home in Yangebup, in Perth, Western Australia. WeekLAN started a small event with just a few close friends, but has grown into a massive annual event!

The next LAN will be the tenth annual LAN that's been held. Invitations are by word of mouth and require registration on this site.

The LAN is going to be run between Friday the 20th of April and Monday the 23rd of April.

What makes WeekLAN what it is? Its four days of LAN - food and soft drinks provided, more network cabling than you can poke a stick at - and people. We have seats for more than 34 people, so you're guaranteed to have plenty of people to play against.

Key information



It's very likely that the following list of games are going to be played during the LAN, but bring more games if you want to play them! It's also much easier if you already own at least some of these games to make things easier for everyone who is present. We'll publish a more definitive list closer to the LAN.